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Tried and tested Sealy technology offers long lasting durability and a range of options to suit every situation. Packed with Sealy's advanced technology, long-lasting durability, and functional features, the Sealy Performance 2 Series offers contour and comfort for a great night's sleep. Queen mattresses starting at $899.

Surprise Firm

The Surprise Firm starts off our Premium line of Sealy. With added features such as a ComfortLoft cover with MoistureProtect Technology, SealyCool Gel Memory Foam and Sealy Response Pro Encased coils. Add to that Sealy’s famous Posturpedic technology and you get a great bed at an affordable price.


Surprise Comfort Firm

The Surprise comfort firm has all of the great benefits of the Surprise line with and extra layer of SealyCool Gel Foam. Perfect for someone who likes a firm mattress with that bit of added plushness.


Surprise Plush

The Surprise Plush adds a plush mattress to the Surprise Line with the addition of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam. As with all of the Sealy Premium mattresses the Surprise line also includes Sealy’s Duraflex Edge keeps comfort and support consistent across the surface all across the surface from edge to edge.


Surprise Cushion Firm Pillow Top

The Surprise Cushion Firm Pillow Top offers the support of SealySupport Firm Foam with the addition of a sewn on pillow top containing a layer of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam and a layer of SealySupport Firm Foam to provide you with the firm support with an extra layer of comfort.


Surprise Plush Pillow Top

For the ultimate in plushness in Sealy’s Surprise lineup you can’t beat the Surprise Plush Pillow Top. It’s layers include SealyCushion Air Foam, SealyCool Gel Memory Foam, SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam and another layer of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam in the sewn on Pillow Top. Added to the other great benefits of the Surprise line up for those who like a plush mattress this is a great value.



Exceptional support from exclusive Posturepedic Technology™, plus innovative cover technologies. Sealy uses advanced, precisely-engineered coil systems to promote proper alignment while delivering a "sleep-on-top" feeling. The stable, all-over support you want, with reinforced support under the heaviest part of your body, where you need it most. Starting at $1299 for a queen set including mattress and foundation.

Satisfied Cushion Firm

The Satisfied mattresses are a step up to Sealy’s Response Premium line and continue to improve on their other collections. A few upgraded features are the SupremeLoft cover with Moisture Protect and AllergenProtect as well as the Sealy Response Pro HD Encased Coil. The Satisfied Cushion Firm is a firm yet soft bed utilizing SealySupport Foam among its comfort layers.


Satisfied Plush

The Satisfied Plush is a softer and more plush bed utilizing SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam in it’s comfort layers. And like all of the Sealy Response Premium Mattresses it includes SealyCushion Air Foam and SealyCool Gel Memory Foam as well.


Satisfied Cushion Firm Pillow Top

Building further on the many quality features of Sealy’s Satisfied line, the Satisfied Cushion Firm Pillow Top adds another level of comfort with its sewn on Pillow Top. The Pillow Top adds a layer of SealySupport Foam as well as a layer of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam. This is a great combination for those who prefer a firm bed with that extra plushness on top.


Satisfied Plush Pillow Top

For the ultimate in plushness in Sealy’s Response Premium line you will find the Satisfied Plush Pillow Top can’t be beat. With its layers including SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam, SealyCool Gel Memory Foam and SealyCushion Air Foam which are then topped with the sewn on Pillow Top containing another 2 inch layer of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam. This is the perfect choice for those who would like to sleep on their pillow with the support of Sealy, Response Pro HD Coils underneath.